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Built-in Physical and Logical Replication in PostgreSQL

What is Replication? Why do we need Replication? How many replication layers do we have? Understanding milestones of built-in Database Physical Replication. What is the purpose of replication? and How to rescue system in case of failover? What is Streaming Replication and what is its advantages? Async vs Sync, Hot standby etc. How to configurate […]

PostgreSQL in Kubernetes

Deployment of PostgreSQL inside of Kubernetes with high availability, configurable cluster members. Handling load balancing, exposing service to outside world. Synchronisation between instances, Scaling up and down. Storage options and advantages. Health monitoring. Rolling upgrades and downgrades. Speaker Armin Nesiren I’m DevOps and software engineer and I’ve been dealing with PostgreSQL for more than ten […]

Living in GDPR land

Data security is an important issue and the introduction of GDPR has added even more requirements. But how can one live in a demand environment? How can one secure data and make sure that the right people can see the right data? Speaker Pavlo Golub PostgreSQL expert and developer at Cybertec. Working with PostgreSQL for […]

Performances: When things go wrong!

Everything was running smoothly, everyone was happy! But then, this crucial week-end for the company’s business occurred and it all went wrong! From the study of a real-life case, discover how we discovered things were going wrong, what we did to analyze the problem, what were the causes and how we solved it. And the […]

Operating system tuning for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL relies heavily on the operating system and file systems it is running on. But what’s the exact impact of commonly tuned operating system parameters on a real production database? In my presentation I will discuss what the particular parameter is responsible for and why it is important for the database load. Finally I’ll show […]

Ansible & pgbackrest – the dynamic duo

Ansible is an amazing product used by enterprises to automate their tasks. Pgbackrest allows simple and efficient backups of PostgreSQL. Combining the two tools it is possible to setup an environment where the backups are dynamically configured, performed and tested. The audience will learn how to configure two database servers in hot standby with a […]