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A Day Has Only 24±1 Hours

11:55 - 12:40

Trayport Miroslav Šedivý

On the last Sunday of October you may get “one more hour of sleep”, but also spend much more time debugging application code dealing with the time zones, daylight saving time shifts and datetime stuff in general. We’ll look at a few pitfalls you may encounter when working with datetime objects in PostgreSQL. We’ll discuss the difference between the TIMESTAMP WITH and WITHOUT TIMEZONE types and discover where the time zone information comes from. You’ll see that even if you do everything correctly, there may be some potential problem hidden somewhere and you’ll be unable to solve it by any computational means.
This talk contains 20% SQL and 80% history and politics.

Miroslav Šedivý

Greedy polyglot, sustainable urbanist, unicode collector, wandering openstreetmapper, and an hjkl juggler. Moving bits around to make the sun shine, the wind blow, and the gas flow.