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Advanced Performans Tips for
PostgreSQL Query Optimization

16:30 - 17:15

hepsiJET Fırat Güleç

There are many reasons that affect the performance of the database. But it is often overlooked how well a well-written query can improve the performance of your database. With a well structured query, you can increase the performance of your database hundreds of times.

In this session you will find the answer to the following questions

  • How do I write a well structured query? What is important tips?
  • What are the important points to be considered in order for the query to come with performance?
  • How should we rewrite query according to explain plan?
  • How should we set the PostgreSQL parameters according to the explain plan of the query?
  • Is the order of join and tables an important criterion when writing queries?
  • Is the order of the index important in multi column indexes?
  • How does a table without proper normalization affect the performance of the query?
  • How much do the items I mentioned above affect performance in postgresql 13?
  • What’s new about performance in Postgresql 14?

Fırat Güleç

My name is Firat Gulec. I work for Hepsijet company in Turkey and I live in Istanbul. I work as Senior Infrastructure & Database Operations Manager at Hepsijet. I started my career as an Oracle ERP Apps DBA and worked for 5 years. For the last 5 years, I have specialized in open source technologies, especially PostgreSQL. I am currently working on performance improvements, especially in PostgreSQL.