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Good Design = Successful Projects. Databases from the perspective of project leaders

11:55 - 12:40

DbSchema // Wise Coders GmbH Dragos Pruteanu

It is known that PostgreSQL databases have a core position in the architecture of a software project. In this presentation, I would explain which is the impact of a correct design through the project architecture and the project success. I would make some analogies with the well-known Java ‚Clean Code‘ book from Robert Martin.
I would explain the importance of the foreign keys in the database design and database documentation. I would explain some tips which are known by the database administrators but not always by developers or team leaders.


Dragos Pruteanu
DbSchema // Wise Coders GmbH

Name: Pruteanu Nicolae Dragos, born in Romania, Brasov , 5 dec 1970. Since 2000 I live in Germany, near München.
Nationalities: Romanian and German
Married, with 3 kids
Studies: Computer Science - Bucharest, Romania 1996.
Courses and Certification:
Oracle Certified Professional
Java Certified Professional
English language course in England, for three months.
Worked in Munich by eCircle ( later part of Teradata, then renamed to Mapp ) since 2000, as programmer, PostgreSQL and Oracle database administrator
Since 2018 founded my own Company, Wise Coders GmbH