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A customer journey to PostgreSQL (EN)

17:40 - 18:00

CYBERTEC Hans-Jürgen Schönig

People moving from a commercial database such as Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and alike are eager to see what to expect in the new world. Which tooling is available? How can things be migrated, optimized and most importantly: How can they obtain support? How can APEX apps be migrated and how can staff be trained. This talk will answer all those question. From Ansible to encrytion, from backups to emergency support. The most important aspects will be touched.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Hans-Jürgen Schönig ist seit dem Jahr 2000 selbständig als PostgreSQL-Entwickler, Consultant und Trainer bei CYBERTEC tätig. Neben zahlreichen PostgreSQL-Fachbüchern, hat er diverse Artikel rund ums Thema PostgreSQL verfasst.