Built-in Physical and Logical Replication in PostgreSQL

What is Replication? Why do we need Replication? How many replication layers do we have? Understanding milestones of built-in Database Physical Replication. What is the purpose of replication? and How to rescue system in case of failover? What is Streaming Replication and what is its advantages? Async vs Sync, Hot standby etc. How to configurate Master and Standby Servers? And What are the most important parameters? Example of topoloji. What is Cascading Replication and how to configurate it? Live Demo on Terminal. Quorum Commit for Sync Replication etc. What is Logical Replication coming with PostgreSQL 11? And what is its advantages? What is the purpose of Logical replication? How to set up Logical Replication and what are its benefits? Limitations of Logical Replication – Logical Replication vs Physical Replication in detail. 10 Questions quiz and giving some gifts to participants according to their success.


Fırat Güleç

Fırat graduated from Information System Engineer, a joint program of ITU and Binghamton University. After graduation I did Oracle ERP Software Consultancy for about 1 year. Then I worked as an Oracle Apps DBA in Turkcell for 5 years. During this time, I completed the MBA program at the University of Galatasay. Now; I work as the Infrastructure and Database Manager of Hepsiexpress. For the last three years, I have contributed to the PostgreSQL and Open Source Society.


Fırat Güleç