Latest evolution of Linux IO stack, explained for database people

Input-output performance problems are on every day agenda for DBAs since databases exist. In Linux – probably the most popular operating system for databases now – there is a major overhaul of the IO stack for last several years. In this talk I will review what is going on there, why the IO stack needed an urgent improvement and what all those brand new NVMe driver and blk-mq layer improvements mean for databases, and database people. As a useful takeaway, I will provide a checklist of PostgreSQL and Linux settings to maximize IO performance with the new kernels.


Ilya Kosmodemiansky

Ilya is a CEO and co-founder at Data Egret – a consultancy, offering PostgreSQL consulting and support services. Ilya has a broad experience working with PostgreSQL as consultant, architect and administrator. His main focus is database performance and optimization. He sees the mission of PostgreSQL in substituting the commercial databases in high-performance mission-critical applications. Ilya shares his experience on how to use Postgres with both users and developers giving talks and running tutorials at Postgres events worldwide.


Ilya Kosmodemiansky
Data Egret