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Keynote „Running Postgres, the Kubernetes way“ (EN)

17:00 - 17:20

EDB Kevin Li

Postgres should run inside your Kubernetes cluster. Yes, inside, not outside Kubernetes. After all, a database should be seen as an application, a special type of application – for which it is legitimate to require an additional level of care and attention.
However, the small price you pay for this is worth the return on investment that your organization receives by running microservice applications, plus database combos, inside your Cloud Native infrastructure.
In this session, I will cover why it is important to make such a decision. Discover the challenges and the opportunities that running Postgres inside Kubernetes presents. I will discuss what we all expect from a good Postgres operator, including self-healing, high availability, scalability, backup and recovery, performance, and – last but not least – security. I will then go beyond technical aspects to spark conversations about the holistic improvements that running a Cloud Native database brings to your organization.

Kevin Li