Operating system tuning for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL relies heavily on the operating system and file systems it is running on. But what’s the exact impact of commonly tuned operating system parameters on a real production database? In my presentation I will discuss what the particular parameter is responsible for and why it is important for the database load. Finally I’ll show the test results done for one of our customers using many terabytes Zabbix system with PostgreSQL as a backend. Tests were conducted using real production load against production database snapshot on test environment. The following tunables were checked: overcommit – dirty_ratio, dirty_background_ratio – Huge Pages – Transparent Huge Pages – read-ahead – swappiness – noatime – I/O schedulers – separated volumes


Alicja Kucharczyk

Alicja Kucharczyk works at Warsaw PostgreSQL User Group. She is an experienced developer, PostgreSQL administrator, PostgreSQL coach, and consults to industry. She has specific technical experience in the financial sector, and her work with Linux Polska has taken her to a variety of companies.


Alicja Kucharczyk
Warsaw PostgreSQL User Group