Performances: When things go wrong!

Everything was running smoothly, everyone was happy! But then, this crucial week-end for the company’s business occurred and it all went wrong! From the study of a real-life case, discover how we discovered things were going wrong, what we did to analyze the problem, what were the causes and how we solved it. And the most important thing: understand how we could have avoided it!


Lætitia Avrot

Lætitia is a DBA and a Postgres teacher near Lyon, France. She begun working with PostgreSQL in 2007. She also had to learn Oracle and SQL Server at the same time.She had a lot of exciting experiences with high availability, production crashes, disaster recovery plan, load balancing, spatial data… Lætitia is Postgres Women co-funder, Google Code-In contest mentor (2018), Google Season of Doc mentor (2019) and member of PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee.


Lætitia Avrot
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